Saturday, June 22, 2013

Being Deserving vs. Being Entitled - Biggest Loser winner Danni Allen Q&A

Entitlement vs. Deserving

Everyone deserves success, but you have to do the work to achieve it.  The universe doesn't owe you anything.  Expect and desire great things, but know that you have to work for it.  You have to have an entrepreneurial spirit.  You have to earn it.

Jillian is starting to hate the concept of fast weight loss.  She's annoyed.  Is it really that bad if the weight just comes off a pound a week?  We have nothing but time.  People want fast results, or they give up. Deal is giving away a free audio book and a 30-day trial.  Jillian used it to listen to Gatsby.  Go to


Eden called in.  Hard Body is her favorite workout ever.  When Aunt Flo comes to visit, she doesn't feel like doing.  Sometimes it's 3-4 days of nasty cramps.  Jillian thinks she should go to the gynecologist.  She has emotional stuff too.

On the days when she feels like crud, she shouldn't jump up and down a lot.  Yoga teachers say not to do inversions when you're on your period.  Downward dog is fine.

Janice talked about the lady in the old Playtex ads.  It was totally awesome!  She also talked about the old maxi pads with the belts.

Then, they played the Q&A from Danni Allen.  Of course, this included talk of cabbage and toots.

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