I'm a big fan of the Jillian Michaels Show podcast.  I listen to it while I'm walking, when I'm in the car, and pretty much whenever I'm on the go.  The podcast is awesome, hilarious, and informative.  In fact, it's so informative, that I find myself wishing I could remember many of the recommendations that Jillian makes during the show.  Because I'm usually on the go when I listen to the show, this is tough to do.  So, I decided to create this site so I could make note of Jillian's great advice, and also help out my fellow Jillian Michaels fans.

Please note that this site should not take place of actually listening to the podcast (as if!).  The podcast is  entertaining and inspiring.  This site is meant to be a supplement to the show that will help out those like me that have a tough time remembering the lists, websites, and product recommendations from the show.

To download the Jillian Michaels Show podcast, click here.  It's free!


  1. Hi! I'm trying to find the podcast where Jillian gave the caller advice on personal trainer programs to look into (to be certified as a personal trainer). Do you know which podcast that was from?

  2. Hello! I believe it's the "Finding the Human Connection" podcast. I already did some notes on that show, but the part you want to read is not right at the beginning of the podcast. It's more toward the middle.


    I did my best to take good notes, but you probably want to listen to the podcast itself to get more of the nuances of what she's saying. Good luck!