Menu Plans

Here's my menu plan for this week.  Many of the recipes come from the Master Your Metabolism Cookbook by Jillian Michaels.  You can scroll down to see the menus I used in previous weeks.

Week 2

Monday - Rotisserie Chicken from Whole Foods, roasted cauliflower, onions, sweet potatoes (p.217)

Tuesday - Swai, arugula and beet salad with goat cheese, coconut sweet potatoes

Wednesday - Grilled lemon chicken (p. 122), roasted asparagus

Thursday - Tilapia, roasted zuchinni, eggplant and bell peppers (p.217) kale

Friday - Roasted chicken with whole wheat pasta and spinach pesto (p. 120)  - never got to this one last week, so we're trying it again!

Saturday - Crockpot turkey pasta sauce over whole wheat pasta.

Sunday - Out to eat!

Week 1

Monday:  Barbecue Crockpot Chicken with cooked spinach and pine nuts

Tuesday:  Thai Green Curry Barramundi (p. 142), brown rice

Thursday:  Out to Eat!

Saturday:  Grass fed beef on spinach and oranges, lentils and wild rice

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