Monday, March 25, 2013

Learning Empathy, Understanding Your Body Type

This podcast originally aired on March 11, 2013.

Jillian is focusing on maximizing the good in the world and shut out the darkness.  The Restorative Justice program in the UK is bringing offenders face-to-face with their victims.  They are trying to get the offender to experience empathy.  Allows victim to gain some understanding of the person who harmed them so they can forgive them.  

Forgiveness helps you to move on, and one of the best ways to move on is to develop empathy.  It gives you a sense of connectedness.  Take the time to develop empathy.

Exercises that Jillian Hates

  • Using momentum to thrust your hips up and do more reps on overhand pull-up.  Switch to a chin-up instead or do assisted overhand pull-ups.  Or do close-handed pushups.  Like chataranga, but your hands are right under your shoulders.
  • 45-degree leg press. Forces your back into a rounded position and compresses your spine.  Can cause a herniated disc, which is super bad.  Instead, do a king squat.
  • Pec-deck.  Better to do a dumbbell fly.
  • Leg extension machine

An acrobat called in!  Wanting to know why some people can eat tons of calories, and others barely eat anything, but everyone has about the same weight.

Jillian says that even though the girls don't weigh a lot, they probably aren't really healthy.  Don't sacrifice your health for aesthetic.

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