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Are you a co-signer? Artificial sweeteners.

Aired on April 22, 2013

People enable each other for various reasons.  Sometimes it's uncomfortable to call people out.  We enable them because it affords us something.

Seven Tests of True Strength

  1. Long Jump.  Jump as far forward as you can and measure it.  An ordinary person jumps.  Males do six feet or less.  Above average is 6-8 feet.  If you're super fit, it's 8+ feet.
  2. Squat, stand up and bicep curl, and then press over your head.  Use dumbbells that are about 30 percent of your body weight.  Super fit is 16 reps in a minute.  Incredibly fit is 20 plus reps in a minute.
  3. One controlled wall squat.  See how far you can lower your body without touching the wall or falling backward.  Great shape is if you can do a full squat.  Average is if you can get half way down.  Ordinary is less than half way.
  4. Dead lift.  A squatting dead lift.  Ordinary fitness can do body weight.  Super fit is 1 3/4 of your body weight.  You need to know how to do this before you try it.
  5. Pushup with claps.  The average person can do ten with no clap.  The over average person can do 5 clapping pushups.  Super fit can do 10 clapping pushups.
  6. Hold plank on the forearms and the balls of your feet.  Ordinary is a minute or less.  Above average is 2-3 minutes.  A super fit person can do 3 minutes or more.
  7. Beep test.  Download the Beep Test app.  Run from one cone to another.  An ordinary person can get back and forth 9 times.  
Artificial Sweeteners

Sarah called to ask Jillian about losing her last 20 pounds.  She recently lost 60 pounds, most of it baby weight.  Once a week she has a diet coke, and sometimes uses Sweet and Low in her coffee.  She also has hypothyroidism.

Artificial sweeteners can make you want to eat more.  They train your body not to recognize sugar as calories.  Jillian suggests just using sugar.

Her husband has Type-2 Diabetes.  She made a sugar-free cheesecake for him and used Stevia.  Current research shows that Stevia is non-toxic.  The only problem is that it can make you a little gassy.

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