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Getting to Know Jillian's 80/20 Rule - Notes from the Jillian Michaels Show Podcast

New Jillian Michaels book coming out in February!  270 pages of tips and wonderfulness.  Easy lifestyle strategies for you to get to slim and avoid pitfalls.

80/20 Rule

  • Need to follow the tips 80 percent of the time.  
  • Make five meals great and one meal not so great.  
  • You could also make 20 percent of your daily calorie allowance treat foods.  
  • Jillian would prefer that your treats are chemical free.  
  • You can't live perfectly all of the time, it's not possible.  
  • Eat really well 80 percent of the time.
  • Don't live for the treats.  You have to have rewards other than food.
Six Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Home

A lot of chemicals that cause cancer also dramatically impact the way your body burns and stores fat.

  • Get rid of your non-stick cookware.  Teflon is toxic if heated over 350 degrees or if it's scratched.  Use cast iron, copper, ceramic, titanium.  Use an olive oil mister.  Lightly grease the pan with organic butter.  The longer you cook the food in the oil, the more the oil gets into the food.  Jillian cooks broccoli in the microwave.  You don't want to overcook it or undercook it.
  • Makeup.  It has a lot of chemicals in it.  There are a lot of green brands now.  Go to, and she has all of the green brands listed.  You can use olive oil to moisturize your face.  Use brown sugar for a scrub.  Avocado's a good moisturizer.
  • You don't need bottled water.  You can check the quality of your tap water online.  The plastics in bottled water is super bad for you.  Don't ever heat your food in plastic.  Use a metal water bottle.  Microwave your food in glass or ceramic.
  • Clean Green.  Go online and search for green cleaning.  There's a ton of things you can do with lemon, vinegar, baking soda, olive oil.  You can clean about anything with these ingredients.
  • Paint.  You want VOC-free paint.  Mythic is a good brand.
  • Gardening chemicals.  No.  Garden organically.
Fitness Studies - Takeaways
  • Exercise boosts your brain power.  Interval training is supposed to improve your memory.  In addition to all of the other interval training health benefits.  Do 30 seconds on, one minute off.  Check your heart rate.  Subtract your age from 220 to get your maximum heart rate.  You want to work at 85 percent of that number.  When your recovery comes down to about 65 percent, you want to start again with the intensity.  Put your fingers on your wrist to check your pulse.
  • Exercise can suppress hunger.  Perceived feeling of fullness was higher for those that did 12 weeks of aerobic exercise.
  • Mom's caretaker is feeding her really bad food.  How to tell her that the cooking needs to be healthier?  Jillian will send her the Master Your Metabolism cookbook.  The point of entry is to tell her that she's worried about her mom's health.  If she is not receptive, there's a bigger problem.  
More discussions about who farted and what it smelled like at the end of the show.  And a huge fart noise.  Gotta love it!

This podcast was recorded on 12/1/12.

I did my best to compile these notes from the show.  If there are any errors, please send me an email, and I'll try to correct it as soon as possible.  I am not a doctor, personal trainer, dietician, or anything that would remotely qualify me to give advice about health, medicine, or anything else.  Please consult a professional before following any advice.  This site is a summary of information provided on the Jillian Michaels Podcast that was compiled to the best of my ability.  I am not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors.

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