Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What are the enemies of being great?

The Enemies of Being Great - from Forbes magazine

Availability - Being too quick to take something that's available or offered instead of sitting with nothing.  Exercise the power of no and have faith that the right thing will come along.  If you take the wrong thing, it can cause more problems in the long run than its worth.  Don't just go with what's available, because then you're coming from a place of fear.

Ignorance - Don't take action without information.  It's like taking a wrecking ball to your world.  Make informed choices that will lead to results.  Come at the action with informed choices.

Comfort - A dangerous place to be because you get apathetic.  Risk is terrifying.  If you never take the risk, you will always lose.  If you're sitting in a job you don't like instead of starting your own business when you really want to, that's a sacrifice.  Don't allow comfort to be enough.

Passivity - Listen to your internal voice that warns you when something is a bad idea.  When you know something is a bad idea and you do it anyway, you're going to pay for it.  A lot of women don't want to have others think they are a b*tch.

Five Stealth Health Foods

Celery - Four sticks of celery a day can lower blood pressure a little bit.  Janice suggested ants on a log, and Janice told her that she hates it.  Raisins and dry fruit suck.

Seaweed - Packed with healthy nutrients and calcium.  Good for vegans who need a source of calcium.  You can get it in sushi or buy the sheets of seaweed.  Also has a lot of potassium.

Hemp Seeds - Flax is really estrogenic.  Hemp is great because it has omega-3s and provides all of the essential amino acids.

Scallops - Almost 80 percent protein.  Just a 3 oz serving has 20 grams of protein and only 95 calories.  Loaded with magnesium and potassium.

Dark Meat - So good for you!  Healthy fats, and the saturated fat in it has zero impact on your cholesterol.  An ounce of dark meat only has 8 more calories than an ounce of white meat.

Lots of talk about toots.  Of course!  Jillian's children have some major gas.

Cool Skinny Tips

Vitamin D - People who start a weight loss program with higher levels of Vitamin D lose more weight. Vitamin D boosts the effects of leptin in the body.  Take a Vitamin D3 supplement.  Or, go outside for about 10 minutes during non-peak hours.

Manage Peer Pressure - Happens with alcohol all of the time.  If your friends are drinking and you're not, it becomes an issue.  If Jillian stops drinking for two weeks, she'll lose 5 pounds.  You've got to say no, and use a firm tone.  Say, "Don't say this to me again."  If you do it right, you only have to endure the un-comfortability for a little bit.

License to Splurge - People think that if they exercise a lot they can chow down.  This isn't true.  Use your head and think calories in, calories out.

Nature - Counties with more nature have lower obesity rates.  People who walk outside go faster and feel less exertion.  Try to get outdoors as much as possible.

Standing Up - The action of sitting up or laying down may actually speed up the production of fat.  Just stand up if you can.


Are ten minute bursts of exercise as good as 60 minutes of exercise?  NO.  You need to do at least 20 minutes of exercise.  30 is better.  45 is a dream.  Your body doesn't start releasing the fat-burning hormones if you've only exercised for 10 minutes.  The longer you train, and the intensity of your training affect your after-burn.  It also takes a little bit for your body to burn through the available glucose instead of going into the fat stores.

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