Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dealing With Snotty Nose Season: Motivating Your Kids. Notes from the Jillian Michaels Show Podcast.

This podcast was posted on January 21, 2013.

Jillian's son has croup.  :-(    Adults that have kids are 53 percent less likely to get sick.

Ways to avoid getting sick:

  1. Vitamin C and Zinc.  Has been shown to kill a virus because it makes an acidic environment.  Take 1000 mg of Vitamin C every two hours when you're sick.  You will poo like crazy because it's not easy on the digestive system.  Zicam is good for zinc.
  2. Oxacillin. Take it when you're about to get sick, under the tongue.
  3. Elderberry Extract.  Helps to kill a virus.  Zand brand makes elderberry lozenges.
  4. Honey.  Antimicrobial.  Under a year old, children can't have honey.  Get raw, unpasteurized honey.  Don't get the major high fructose corn syrup honey.  Get the real stuff.
  5. First Defense.  For kids.  Has the zinc and tastes sweet.
  6. Garlic.  For toddlers, it's very antimicrobial. Cook it up and put it in their food.
  7. Saline.  Salt kills everything.  Saline spray in your nose is great.
  8. Oregano oil.  Also antimicrobial.
  9. Wash your hands all the time.  Don't touch your face.
Lots of talk about relationships, and being able to look at your own issues.  Just because you're flawed, it doesn't mean you're less than or not good.

Helping Your Kids Get Healthy

Parents would rather talk to their kids about sex than their weight.  You have to talk to them.  You have to use "we" instead of "you" when you're talking to them.  How you talk to them about it is key.
  1. You need to change your ways.  You are their primary role model.  You need to get healthy and prioritize your own wellness.
  2. Talk to your kid.  Make it a family affair.  "I want us to be healthier."  Don't single them out.  No one gets the Fruit Loops.  Bring in healthier foods.  Give your kids treat foods once a week.  The majority of their foods should be "better for them" choices.  Prioritize your organic dollars on dairy and meat.
  3. Portion size.  You don't need to give them enormous portions.  
  4. Make the healthier snacks available for kids and accessible.  Build their environment around healthy activities.  Create an environment that's conducive to activity.
  5. Limit screen time to two hours a day.  Watching a television can actually turn on obese genes.
  6. Get outside and play!  Take them to the park.  
  7. Find activities they like to do.
  8. Positive feedback.  Give them compliments about their exercising.  Praise effort, not success.
  9. Teach PE with a group of parent friends.

Barbara - having trouble maintaining her weight.  She was on a low-carb diet.  She lost her weight in a way that's not sustainable.  She needs to eat less, move more, and eat the best quality food possible.  She needs to count calories.  Barbara wants to be a "normal" person that can eat cheeseburgers.  She needs to figure out her calorie allowance for the day and eat within the calorie limit.  Jillian will send her the book Slim for Life.  Lucky Barbara!

I did my best to compile these notes from the show.  If there are any errors, please send me an email, and I'll try to correct it as soon as possible.  I am not a doctor, personal trainer, dietician, or anything that would remotely qualify me to give advice about health, medicine, or anything else.  Please consult a professional before following any advice.  This site is a summary of information provided on the Jillian Michaels Podcast that was compiled to the best of my ability.  I am not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors.

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